As Good As Disposable Wellies!

Looking for disposable wellies but can't find any? We have found a good alternative...and it won't cost a fortune!

Despite many people searching for them, it seems impossible to find disposable wellies anywhere. However, these strong elasticated boot covers allow you to walk around in muddy or dirty places in your normal shoes/boots (which are usually more comfortable than wellies anyway) and you can just throw them away when you're finished. You may also find these helpful for protecting your shoes when doing jobs such as painting and decorating. They are also strong enough to be re-used a few times before throwing them out.


Disposable shoe covers from Amazon

- Strong and elasticated
- One size fits all
- Chlorinated Polyethylene
  (CPE) deeply embossed sole

> Buy from Amazon (sold in packs of 20 pairs)

Despite the fact that many people are searching for disposable wellies, we were unable to actually find any.However, we would like to continue to improve the advice we give on walking and hiking equipment that so if you find any disposable wellies or a better solution, please let us know.

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Muddy boot covers

"Don't come into my pub wearing those muddy boots!"

Give walkers a better name by covering up your muddy boots...

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