Hiking Boot Covers

Hiking boots are fantastic but they don't always come on and off too easily. It can be quite annoying if you've tied up your boots exactly as you want them and you need to go into a public toilet or a nicely carpeted restaurant but your boots are just too muddy. You might even want to avoid getting into your car with your muddy boots on, but after a long hike you barely have the energy to take them off!

That's where disposable boot covers come in really handy for hikers - just throw a pair into your pocket and you can save yourself all that unecessary time and effort.


Hiking boot covers
(come in packs of 20 pairs)

- Elasticated around the edges
- Stretches to fit any boot
- Strong CPE sole

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Want a cheaper option?

Amazon also stock a much cheaper type of disposable shoe cover but they are considerably weaker than the above. For walking and hiking we recommend the above, but you can click here to see the cheaper option (pack of 30). Notice, the cheaper option contains 30 covers, whereas the more expensive option (pictured above) contains 20 PAIRS.



We provide information and advice on different walking and hiking equipment. We want to keep improving our service so if you find better covers for your muddy hiking boots anywhere, don't hesitate to let us know.


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Muddy boot covers

"Don't come into my pub wearing those muddy boots!"

Give walkers a better name by covering up your muddy boots...

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