Muddy Boot Covers

It can be very frustrating when you want to get into your car, or go into a pub or hotel but your boots are too muddy. You don't want the trouble of taking them off and putting them back on again but you certainly don't want to take lumps of mud everywhere you go. You need something to cover them with. Disposable covers are the best because you already have enough to clean when you get home, without adding something else to the list. Put a few pairs into your bag and you're away!


Muddy boot covers

- Strong and elasticated
- One size fits all
- Chlorinated Polyethylene
  (CPE) deeply embossed sole

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Looking for something cheaper?

We also found these, a pack of much cheaper covers for your muddy boots. However, they are nowehere near as strong as the ones pictured above. Also, note that these cheaper covers come in packs of 30 covers and the ones pictured above come in packs of 20 PAIRS (40 covers). The cheaper ones will probably do the job but are more likely to split so it might be worth spending a few quid extra and getting the stronger ones.

We provide advice and recommendations on various walking equipment. If you find muddy boot covers elsewhere that you think are better than these, do let us know.


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Muddy boot covers

"Don't come into my pub wearing those muddy boots!"

Give walkers a better name by covering up your muddy boots...

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