Walking Boot Covers

We recommend disposable boot covers so that you don't have yet another thing to clean when you get home! Even so, the one we recommend (below) are strong enough to be re-used so you don't have to throw them away if you don't want to. Take a pair with you and you'll be able to walk into any pub, shop, hotel etc. without upsetting the owners!


Walking boot covers
(pack of 20)

- Strong and elasticated
- One size fits all
- Chlorinated Polyethylene
  (CPE) deeply embossed sole

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Anything cheaper available?

Well, yes... if you were hoping to spend a bit less and don't think you'll be needing 20 pairs, you might want to have a look at these. This pack of cheaper covers contains just 30 covers (15 pairs) and is also stocked by Amazon - click here to see. However, before purchasing them you should note that they will not be as strong as the ones pictured above. They may do the job but are not designed for walking boots specifically so are more likely to split - it might be worth spending a few quid extra on the stronger ones to be on the safe side.

We provide advice and recommendations on various walking equipment. If you find boot covers elsewhere that you think are better than these for any particular reason, please let us know.

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Muddy boot covers

"Don't come into my pub wearing those muddy boots!"

Give walkers a better name by covering up your muddy boots...

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